Multiple employments

Payroll processing simplified in multiple sectors and multiple employments


The days of manually calculating each and every employee’s salary has become a thing of the past. The big organizations have many employees, hence they are definitely aware of the hassles of maintaining the backlog of the payroll slips of so many employees during the year end or during the filing of the taxes. The computerized internet world has made the task much easier for the employers and the employees with the secured company websites maintaining a systematic database and financial information of all the employees in a secured environment. They also customize the payroll templates as per the sector and the organization needs.

The employees can have a sigh of relief

The employees who are given manual pay slips are required to preserve it and also maintain copies of the same as they may require it as a proof for taking loans from the banks and also for credit card issuing. This is a very tedious job. Nowadays the organizations have either an in house HR payroll department or outsource the payroll service to the specialized companies having expertise in this, which take all the inputs in the form of employee information initially and rely on a dependable payroll template which differs from sector and as per the organization need.

There is no fear of the financial information getting leaked too as the website where this payroll services are provided is absolutely secured and guarantees safety. The employees are given access to their current and also past pay slips whenever the need be.

One platform for all designation employees

Since there is a proper format for data collection and also a track of attendance recording is taken care of in single software, all the employees from the root level to the topmost management get a proper view of each and every component of the pay relevant to them.  The payroll structure can be created and also revised as the need be. The deductions like statutory, taxation are separately highlighted in different heads. Hence, there is more clarity and no confusion and searching difficulties for the employees.

The employees are very easily able to procure a pay slip voucher with all the details of the attendance, earnings, deductions, etc at the end of the every month via this service over the net. Hence, this also saves a lot of paper, time and leaves little scope of mistakes when compared to manual pay slip generation. Lower levels may be facilitated with a group pay structure and higher levels can have more complex individualized pay structures. These pay slips can also be downloaded and printed only by the relevant employee by typing the proper username and password to maintain secrecy.

Complexities in the organization

Nowadays there are off roll employees too who are temporary contract employees and are barred of certain benefits in the organization and hence, even they need to be included. In case of many foreign branches and integrated computerized payroll system, the currency requirements also need considerations. These complex operations are auto processed and fitted in the different payroll templates to generate automated e-penyata gaji in an automated basis.